Call for Participants

Courtly Literature:

The Next Generation

March 1-3, 2024

Mentorship Opportunity & Conference

Medieval Studies has been undergoing major recalibrations in recent years, both in its (geographical, chronological, methodological) range and in the definition of the authors, audiences, topics, and contexts of medievalist work. How does the traditional field of “Courtly Literature” fit into these shifts? Does its corpus have to be redefined, purged, expanded to reflect a Global Middle Ages? And how does the concept of courtliness help us think through new questions, such as those about diversity, dis/ability, or social justice?

The 2024 conference invites nine junior scholars to contribute to this moment of reassessment. It will provide “the next generation” with an opportunity to present their research in dialogue with their peers and three invited senior mentors. The event will be in two parts: 

  1. Junior scholars will receive one-on-one feedback on a pre-circulated work in progress with one of the three mentors. 
  2. All participants will present 20-minute papers at a public conference hosted at Fordham University’s Lincoln Center campus in New York City 

As inclusivity is a major goal for this workshop, the definitions of “junior scholar” and “courtly literature” will be very flexible. 

Each participant will receive two nights of free accommodation in Manhattan and a stipend of $400 toward transportation costs.

 Applicants are invited to submit:

  • A CV and cover letter outlining their topic and goals.
  • A draft of a work-in-progress (seminar paper, conference paper, article, dissertation/book chapter) of no more than 20 pages. 
  • A 200-word abstract for a 20 minute conference paper which can, but does not have to, relate to the work in progress.

Deadline for submissions: January 15, 2024

Email to:

Questions may be directed to