The organizers are grateful for conference funding provided by Melissa Labonte, interim Dean, and Tyler Stovall, Dean, of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences; and Eva Badowska, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences; Maura Mast, Dean of Fordham College at Rose Hill; Laura Auricchio, Dean of Fordham College at Lincoln Center; and George Z. Hong, Chief Research Officer at Fordham’s Office of Research. We appreciate the generosity of Distinguished Professor Mary Erler (English), and Distinguished Professor Maryanne Kowaleski (History and Medieval Studies). We gratefully acknowledge the support of our co-sponsors at Fordham: the Center for Jewish Studies; the Orthodox Christian Studies Center; and the Program in Comparative Literature. We would also like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our co-sponsors and partners at the Centre for Medieval Literature, University of Southern Denmark and University of York.

Special thanks go to the graduate student workers who helped make this unusual event possible: Ashley Newby for her design of the conference poster and website; Frances Eshleman, Mikayla Fenley, Michael Innocenti, Camila Marcone, Anna Paczuska, and Alex Pisano for logistical support during preparations for the 2020 conference; and this year’s students, who provided essential help in overseeing and troubleshooting Zoom meetings during our 2021 event: Grace Campagna, Frances Eshleman, Matthew Maresca, and Christian Stempert. We also thank our undergraduate student workers: Chloe Knupp, for her aid in designing flyers and web materials; and Alberto Ayala for his work on updating and preparing conference materials. And we thank Dr. Christina Bruno, Associate Director of the Center for Medieval Studies, for her work on logistics and administrative support.